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Sterling creek silver labradors

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My statement concerning the silver labrador controversy:
Having many years of experience in breeding Australian shepherds & the quarter horse industry, controversy will always be in
place in every aspect of our lives.  There is no way to keep all parties involved happy in any area of competition.  I have heard
all the way off stories of how the Aussies were crossed on outside breeds to get the smaller versions.  Then there are the loudly
marked Paint Horses that are now registered as Quarter Horses because the AQHA could not withstand the lawsuits of those
who felt that their horse should be recognized by the AQHA registry regardless of color.  Really now, things change &
colors evolve.  When labs started out way back when in Newfoundland, wasn't there just one color of labrador?
I will not ship overseas,
please don't ask.
A few past silver lab puppies....
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Sterling Creek Labradors of Southern Oklahoma
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"Until one has loved an
animal, a part of one's soul
Anatole France
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Sterling Creek Labs is an established  reputable breeder of
Labrador Retrievers.  We have been breeding quality dogs for 17
years. We breed silver labs (dilute chocolate), charcoal labs
(dilute black), champagne labs (dilute yellow) and also the
standard black, chocolate & yellow labs.  Our labs have made
strong hunters and excelled in search & rescue.  In 2014, we will
be adding snow white labs to our program & we are super excited
to offer this beautiful shade of a yellow lab.  Our whites will be
more of the blocky look, commonly referred to as "English"
style.  Sterling Creek only focuses on 1 breed - LABS!
White Labs
Due to new USDA regulations as of 9/10/2013 - SHIPPING
AVAILABLE - you can drive in or fly in & carry on, but
puppy must be transferred face to face.  If I can prove you
are an established breeder I may ship to you.
Sterling Creek Labradors
                                 of Southern Oklahoma