I recommend & require feeding Nuvet
supplements for my health guarantee.  NuVet supports a
healthy immune system!
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Photo of me
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customers Amanda
Todd & Josh Abbott
of the Josh Abbott
Thinking about a lab puppy or looking for
useful lab info? LRG is a good place to start!
Retired St Louis
Cardinals All Star
pitcher Ryan Franklin &
family with their
Sterling Creek puppy!
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Just me &
Puppies Available!
3 different litters!
First litter, Deuce & Tango - photos taken 2/5/19 at 8
weeks. 1 silver female available. Ready to go! Click on any
photo for full size image.
We are an AKC Inspected "In Compliance" Breeder
Our pups by Deuce, Tackle & Huck can never suffer from EIC, CNM, DM, Cysternia,
Click to understand what these abbreviations mean.
Please see my Guarantee/Pricing/
Deposits/Registration page for pricing on all litters, details of my health
guarantee & how dilute (silver) labs are registered with the AKC.
All puppies are delivered
micro-chipped and get a
new puppy gift bag
including an SCL ball cap!
2 black females available
Full registration available
These girls are silver factored.
2nd litter - Tackle & Whiskey, 9 puppies born 12/23/18!
Photos taken 2/9/19 at 6.5 weeks - Ready to go!
3rd litter - Huck & Zima, 6 white puppies!
Photo taken 2/9/19 at  6.5 weeks old. Ready to go!
1 white female available!
Full registration available