☆ AKC Registration of "Silvers" ☆
Labrador Retrievers that express the dilution gene (dd) are recognized and
registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) based on their foundation genetic
colors, Black, Yellow, or Chocolate.
- Labradors that are descriptively called “Silver” are registered as their base
genetic color Chocolate.
- Labradors that are descriptively called “Charcoal” are registered as their base
genetic color Black.
- Labradors that are descriptively called “Champagne” are registered as their
base genetic color Yellow.
The policy of registering light shades of the breed standard-described colors was
established after a joint investigation by the AKC and Labrador Retriever Club of
America (LRC) in the 1980’s, wherein breed purity of “Silver” Labradors was
also confirmed.”

The use of descriptive color names is not new to the Labrador breed. Most
common is the use of "White" for genetically Yellow Labradors that lack most of
their pigment in the hair. The old breed studbooks contain many other
descriptive iterations of the accepted colors, jet=Black, slate=Black,
champagne=Yellow, cream=Yellow, butterscotch=Yellow, liver=Chocolate,
brown=Chocolate, etc....

☆Deposits & General Information☆

☆Pick Up☆
Due to new USDA regulations as of 9/10/2013 - SHIPPING WILL NO LONGER BE
AVAILABLE.  Purchaser can drive in or fly in & carry on, but puppy must be
face to face.  As per the USDA, if you are an established breeder, I may ship to
you for breeding purposes.  I will only ship to breeders that have a website & I
can verify that you are indeed a breeder.
Pups are released to their new homes at 7 weeks.

☆ Health Guarantee ☆
All of my pups come with a written 26 month genetic health guarantee & a 72
hour business day vet check full refund genetic soundness/health guarantee.  
Dew claws are removed at 3 days old.  They are also vaccinated starting at 5
weeks & every 2 - 3 weeks thereafter & wormed every 2 weeks.  They will come
with a Puppy starter kit, a sample of NuVet Vitamins &  micro-chipped.
Our 26 month genetic health guarantee is for a replacement pup only & applies to
life threatening genetic disorders only.  Puppy must be vetted within 3 business
days of receipt of pup, after that this guarantee has no cash value.  As do many
breeders, I require that "Sterling Creek" be used as a prefix or suffix in your
puppies AKC name.  Your puppy must also be registered by 4 months of age.
breeder's code (52900) to keep your health guarantee in FULL FORCE.  Many
breeders have started requiring this because, unfortunately, the majority of dogs
and cats are not receiving a complete, healthy diet and many become ill and die
prematurely. NuVet Labs™' main purpose is to help increase your pet's longevity
and quality of life. NuVet is loaded with cancer fighting vitamins & is dynamic for
skin allergies and dull coats.  They also promote a healthy immune system &
increases longevity and activity levels in older arthritic dogs as well.  Give these
as a treat for only
20-30 cents a day!
Order NOW for when your puppy comes home!
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I recommend &
require feeding Nuvet
supplements.  NuVet
supports a
healthy immune
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If you call to order
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☆ Pricing & Deposits ☆
Light Silver, Charcoal Silver, Champagne, Chocolate, Black & Cream females
AKC Limited Registration $1,200
Light silver, Charcoal Silver, Champagne & Cream males
AKC Limited Registration $1,200
White Labs $1,500 limited registration
Full Registration with AKC breeding rights available to approved breeders for
an extra charge.  

We accept credit/debit cards for deposits!!
Deposits are $200 or $250 plus $7.00 to cover the fees & can be made via the
PayPal payment portal by Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express or
with your PayPal account.

<<<<Click to make a silver or charcoal puppy deposit!

<<<<<Click here to make a white puppy deposit!

Deposits can also be made by check for $200/250.  Your deposit goes
towards the price of the puppy.
Deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable.  If you are not able or refuse
to fulfill your obligation as a buyer you forfeit your deposit.  Any & all
deposits expire after 2 years of payment if you have not followed through on
your commitment.
Do not place a deposit if you are not physically or monetarily ready to make a
commitment.  Please do not commit to a puppy for 8 weeks & then not follow
By placing a deposit you agree to these terms.
We reserve the right to refuse to sell to a prospective buyer at anytime
without cause.
☆ Visitation ☆
We make all visitation appointments starting at 6 weeks of age after puppies
have received their first puppy shot for any visitors. Puppy guests will be
required to scrub before handling puppies. *Please note that they are young
puppies as well as the emotional stability of the new momma dog.  No deposit,
no visitation.
Thank you for understanding. :-)
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